Confessing To A Killer

When she was finally found by authorities she had been dead for at least 5 days, lying face-down, and her body was left rotting in a canal. An autopsy of her body showed that Garza had been raped while she lay unconscious, and later died from suffocation. John Feit, 83, an ex-priest from Texas, has been charged, and will now have to face first-degree murder charges for the killing of the Southern beauty queen after a confession she gave him over 50 years ago.- Reports Yahoo News (Continued Below)

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Ex Priest Murders Beauty Queen Texas 1960 Church Confession Father Catholic Pope

Image: Ap News/ Flickr dangr.dave

Now living in Arizona with his family, Feit will be extradited back to Texas, where the crime originally took place. The victim, “Irene Garza, who at the time was a 25-year-old school teacher, and named Miss All-South Texas Sweetheart in 1958. “According to authorities, Feit was the last person to see Garza alive after he heard her confession at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas, on April 16, 1960, the night before Easter.”

Investigators at the time of the incident recovered several items near Garza’s body that belonged to the church as well as personal items that belonged to Feit. “According to the most recent indictment, the grand jury decided there was enough evidence to charge Feit now, stating that the ex-priest, in Hidalgo County, “did then and there, with malice aforethought cause the death of Irene Garza by asphyxiation in a manner and means unknown to the grand jury.”

“Feit was arrested on Feb. 9 in Scottsdale, he has been held in Maricopa County jail on a $750,000 bond.”

Article: Yahoo News