Short End Of The Stick

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Some people use a fork for most of their food consumption, while others prefer to use chopsticks for everything. But did you have any idea what the extra wood at the end of your disposable chopsticks were actually for?

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Chop Stick End Use lock Wood Eat Asian

Image: Twitter/ bortofdarkness

As one Tweeter “found out,” rather than just keeping your pair of chopsticks neatly together – the small block of wood at the end actually has a use. But it may not be the use that many of you thought. It is being reported by various media outlets that the block can be broken free and used as a stand.

Like so:

Cultural Asian Cuisine Chop Sticks Fork Eat Use DIY

Image: Twitter/ bortofdarkness

Don’t Be Fooled: The Extra Wood On The Tail End Of Your Chopsticks Is Not A Chopstick Stand

Well, we attempted to replicate this using the exact same kind of disposable chopsticks, and here were our results:

Chopsticks Break Use Stand Scoop

Image: Godfruits- Chopsticks Break Test

Needless to say, you can’t believe everything you hear or see on the internet. This should be an important lesson for everyone as we saw this viral post on at least 10 websites. Is it plausible? Yes, if you use a knife to cut if off. But, that is up to you if you want to get wood dust everywhere. 🙂

Although it doesn’t work as has been advertised, here is an origami chopstick holder that does. You can create this stand from the chopstick’s paper wrapper and the best part is that this actually does work. (Video Below)

Twitter Images: bortofdarkness