The world’s most extensive face transplant patient now has hope!

Patrick Hardison, 42, was a firefighter that suffered severe burns, after a burning building collapsed on him, 15 years ago.

He had extensive trauma on his face, enduring many surgeries throughout the years, and now he is the recipient of the world’s most extensive facial transplant.

He says that he now has hope; indicating that he is the same old Pat, but recognizes that that statement in itself would not give enough credit to the long and amazing journey of his recovery.

He mentioned that 22 veterans commit suicide daily. That an astronomical 80% of people with facial disfigurement do the same. Since he now has hope, he wants to encourage others, by sharing that life does get easier with time. It’s a long, hard road, but it is possible.

His doctor indicated that Hardison’s permanent face is technically his third. He was born with one; had a different one after his injury and into the transition. Now he has the face that he will live with forever.

What a miraculous story! I thank God that He has given mankind the knowledge to be able to bring a semblance of normalcy to people like Mr. Hardison. He no longer has to live in the shadows, but is free to live as he once did and make beautiful memories with his lovely family! Glory be to God!

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Video: USA Today