She Fought To Keep Her Stillborn’s Memory Alive On FaceBook

Image: Rosalyn Racca's Facebook

Image: Rosalyn Racca’s Facebook

Rosalyn and Paul Racca were thrilled to add a 5th baby to their family. As an expecting mother, you want to fill your mind with positive vibes and thoughts about your baby. But for Rosalyn, reality was going to impact her life in a much more deeper way.

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Image: Rosalyn Racca's Facebook

Image: Rosalyn Racca’s Facebook

On a routine check-up at 21-weeks, the tragic discovery was made that her little boy no longer had a heartbeat.

The family had already named Samuel Tate, and the excruciating pain resonated throughout the family’s hearts.

Rosalyn delivered Tate the next day, he weighed in at an adorable 9 ounces and was 9 inches long. The family did the same process they had done with all their other children and proceeded to take pictures of their little “Tater Tot”. Indeed their pictures of the baby with the small cross had everyone tearing up!

Nearing the anniversary of Tate’s birth, Rosalyn wanted to make a special post on Facebook honoring her baby’s memory. However, due to the deep emotional impact the pictures would have on the viewers, she formally gave an announcement the day before to all her friends and family. stillborn pics2

“I wanted to sit down and open up about Tate. But how could I ever sum up his life in a FB post?!?”

Such a heartfelt post about her beloved son was smeared and ruined by some reports she received of her uploaded pictures.


Deleting the pictures or making them private was not an option for Rosalyn.

His self might not still be with the family in this world, but he was still her son, and no matter how short his life had been, Rosalyn was not going to let Facebook try to erase that part of her life. She contested the report with Facebook and in the end they saw it her way.

Image: Rosayln Racca's Facebook

Image: Rosayln Racca’s Facebook

“The whole reason I was sharing this was to celebrate his life and he was my son. That’s all I see when I look at his pictures, I don’t see something barbaric or graphic.”