The Most Touching Family Activities Ever

Zailynn was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when she was born. Now at just 8 months of living, her family is determined to give their baby the happiest time’s of her life. They have created a bucket list for their terminally ill baby girl, and have composed 51 things to start checking off:
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Zailynn’s Bucket List

Daddy walks me down the aisle–completed.

Milwaukee Zoo–completed.

Family pictures –scheduled.

Sibling pictures–scheduled.

Visit a farm–completed.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois


Go to a movie

Go to the beach

Visit the ocean

Draw my name in the sand–completed.

Get on the Ellen show to get SMA awareness out there

Boat ride

Children’s museum–completed.

Paint a picture–completed.

Celebrate life on the 12th of every month—completed.

Dress up like a princess–completed.

Get my nails painted–completed.

Go on a train ride

Brewers game

Football game

Play in the leaves

Go fishing and catch a fish

Get held by the fireman for a picture–completed.

Make a snow angel

Build a snow man

Celebrate Christmas

Host a first birthday/meet and greet–scheduled.

Go to prom and have pictures taken–scheduled

Go to a concert

Meet John Cena and the Rock

Get a ride on a horse

Get sent flowers–done

Send a gift to someone special–completed.

Have a picnic at the park

Let a balloon go–done

Sing karaoke with daddy–scheduled.

Celebrate Thanksgiving–scheduled.

Go down a slide at the park

Go for a sled ride

Meet Santa get a picture with him–completed.

Go swimming–completed.

Bake cookies–scheduled.

Be in two places at once

Get pictures taken in my mom’s wedding dress–completed.

Go to a parade

Hang out with a ninja

Have someone sing to me–completed.

Hang an ornament on the Christmas tree–completed.

Watch daddy and mommy carve pumpkins–completed.

Receive a letter from a pen pal–completed.

Go mudding–completed.