A Little Girl Saves Three Lives From A House Caught In Flames!

Rosie Moran, who recently turned 4-years-old this May, has been deemed a hero for saving an unknowing family.
While on a bike ride around her neighborhood in Boise, Ohio, she noticed that the side of a house had caught up in flames. She rushed back to her father, Sean, and informed him, who immediately ran over to the house and notified the family inside.

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“We were just sitting there waiting for Malia to finish her bath, and that’s when he came in, telling me that my house was on fire,” says a grateful Ernie Ortiz, whose life was saved. He grabbed his wife and daughter and promptly exited their home until firefighters arrived.

 Sean believed that “Rosie was in the right place at the right time.”

The dangerous flames may have been started by some oily rags left in a garbage can that possibly spontaneously ignited. When the flames were extinguished, Rosie was given a little honorary firefighter badge issued by the fire department; her heroism was admired by everyone involved that day.

USA Today