A Similar, Non-Lethal, Incident Had Happened Before

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Just recently, we brought you the story of the tragic accident where a 10-year-old old boy from Kansas was decapitated while riding the Verrückt, a 17-story waterslide. We are now learning that more and more people are coming forward with similar stories that have happened to them while riding the slide.

Caleb Schwab was ejected from his seat after his harness broke loose, tossing him into the safety netting where he was decapitated.

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According to 41 Action News reports, multiple guests that day complained about the velcro harnesses.

Jessica Lundquist, a park guest, told 41 Action News:

“A lady in front of me said that multiple times she rode the ride today, the Verrückt, and that the front harness did not work any of the times that she rode it.”

This wasn’t the only incident that Verrückt had issues with. Last year, a family with season passes to the Schlitterbahn water park rode the water slide. A friend they had brought along to the park lost his velcro harness as well.

Erica Conrad, whose husband was riding in the raft with their friend Matt at the time, took a photo of the two men riding down the slide. The photo clearly shows that Matt’s harness was no longer strapped over his shoulder and chest.

Boy's water slide death

Image: Fox 4/Erica Conrad

Matt told FOX 4 that the harness popped off after the first plummet. If it wasn’t for him using “all of his force” to keep himself inside the raft, he may have suffered a similar fate as that of Caleb.

Video: Fox 4