Father Apprehends His Son’s Killer Until Police Arrive To Arrest Him

An Indiana man broke into a home in LOUISVILLE, Ky, grabbed a large kitchen knife and stabbed a kindergartner to death in his bedroom today.

Ronald Exantus, of Indianapolis, was charged with murder and first-degree burglary. The police have not provided a possible motive for such a crime. The boy’s family say that they have never seen Exantus before in their lives.

The local attorney for Exantus was not able to get any information from him during questioning. The boy has been identified as 6-year-old Logan Tipton.

Two of the boy’s sisters suffered non-life-threatening cuts in the attack. The suspect was held by the boy’s father until police arrived.

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“He was able to get him on the ground and get him subdued until officers could get there,” – Versailles police Lt. Michael Fortney said.

Exantus, 32, submitted a plea of not guilty at the Woodford County Courhouse. His bond was set at $1 million and was appointed a public defender to represent him.

His mental competency is being put into question. According to Brdiget Hofler, he was unresponsive when she asked him about his background and his family life. He showed signs of amnesia, and didn’t know where he was or what his occupation was.

“I have discussed various things with him on two separate occasions this morning and he’s not able to really discuss anything; he’s not here,” she said. “I was not able to communicate with him whatsoever to really determine anything.”

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency lists a Ronald Exantus of Indianapolis as having an active nursing license.

“This is a horrible situation. The thought of what these parents are going through, I can’t even begin to imagine that,” she said. “But my client does have certain rights and it’s my job to see that those rights are protected as best I can.”

Exantus entered the home and walked around their residence before going upstairs where the boy was asleep in his bed. Logan was a kindergartner at Simmons Elementary in Versailles.

The amount of patience and mercy that Logan’s father displayed is astounding. How many people would not go berserk on their son’s killer?

Article: Yahoo News