Our Prayers Go Out To The 9 Year Old Boy Who Died In A Fire Where 9 Died In A Blaze 60 Years Ago

A fatal housfire in Westport, Mass. is making headlines as it has eerie similarities to a fire that happened at the exact same place 60 years ago. Officials say that on Saturday, a 4-year-old boy died in the Westport fire. The boy was found dead in his second-floor bedroom unable to escape the burning building.

The boy was identified as Caleb Nordarillo. His mother Melody and her daughter Bella lived through the tragedy, just barely escaping the fire.

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The Westport Fire Department started a CrowdFunding page that will help out the surviving family.

“He’s such a sweet kid. You never know what’s going to happen and I don’t know how this started,” Caleb’s great grandfather Urban Medeiros told CBS Boston.

Deputy Fire Chief Allen N. Manley Jr., revealed to the public that a mother and 8 children died in a fire at the same house in November of 1952.

Our prayers are going out to the family of Caleb, who must be mourning the death of her son heavily. Please keep in mind that God will not forget your loss, and will not forget your pain. You WILL get to see Caleb again by the grace of God, AMEN!

Article: CBS News