The Reason Why This Firefighter Is Grinning From Ear To Ear Will Be Sure To Warm Your Heart

Fireman smiles after rescuing flood victim

Image: Lyle Aspinall/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

Our men and women in uniform are truly heroes, not only to their communities but also to their country. Their daily selfless and courageous sacrifice is truly a reason to fill one with patriotism.

Fireman smiles after rescuing flood victim

Image: Shawn Wiebe via Global News

Shawn Wiebe, a firefighter, was captured smiling in a now famous image, during a rescue from dangerous floodwaters in Alberta, Canada.  His assistance was needed in evacuating hundreds from a local hospital, so he departed from his day job at a tractor dealership.

When Shawn arrived, he was moved to aid Sheila Roland, so he swiftly lifted her up in his arms and carried her to safety, smiling hugely, the entire way.

“I looked in the boat, and she’s a little lady. She had a winter coat on, which was drenched in water, and somebody gave her inserts from their winter boots that were well over-sized, because I guess she was barefoot throughout the day,” Shawn shared.

“I looked at her and said, ‘Instead of you walking through the water again, I’ll carry you to the dry part.'”

“What she said to me as I was carrying her to dry ground was ‘the last time I was carried like this was on my wedding night,'” Shawn recollected.

That was enough for Shawn to grin from ear to ear; although it is not unusual for him to have a happy demeanor, despite the sometimes taxing and dangerous circumstances that the job entails.  So he is now known as the “ridiculously photogenic firefighter” and we can see why.

Sheila holds Shawn in great regard, stating, “A lot of firemen carried a lot of people that day, but I think I am the one who really lucked out with the fireman I got.”

It sounds as though she will forever be grateful and for good reason.

Article: GlobalNews