When A Woman Tries To Make False Accusations; A Fitbit Told The Truth

Fit bit reveals truth

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Jeannine M. Risley, 43, of Saint Petersburg, Florida, had gone to Lancaster on a business trip. She was allowed to stay in the guest room of one of her boss’s home in East Lampeter Township.

Authorities received a distress call where they were told that an unknown suspect pulled Risley out of bed, dragged her into the bathroom and proceeded to rape her at knifepoint.

During the investigation, officers began to see some inconsistencies with her story. They arrived at the scene of the crime to find overturned furniture, a knife, and a bottle of vodka.

However, there was absolutely no signs of intrusion by anyone. There were no footprints or any type of evidence that would suggest someone was with Risley that night.

The biggest piece of evidence that incriminated Risley into making false accusations was her Fitbit fitness watch.

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Fit Bit Crime Reveals

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Risley claimed that her fitness tracker was lost during the attack, but when investigators took a look at the data recorded by the Fitbit, they knew exactly what she had been doing all evening. The Fitbit tracks physical activity and sleep. With this information, police knew that Risley had actually been awake and walking around the house at the time that she claimed to have been sleeping.
Risley was charged with three misdemeanors related to her false report, faked crime scene and 911 call.

Article: ABC27