French Bombs Isis Headquarters In Raqqa



Video below showing jets taking off one after another heading for ISIS bombing sites.

Raid aérien français sur Raqqah en SyrieRaid aérien français sur Raqqah en Syrie :1 centre de commandement et 1 camp d’entraînement de Daech détruits.

Posted by Armée française – opérations militaires OPEX (page officielle) on Sunday, November 15, 2015

French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, on Sunday in retailliation of the Paris bombing earlier this Friday.

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The Isis command center, recruitment center, and their ammunition storage base, training camp, have all been obliterated according to Mickael Soria, the press adviser for France’s defense minister.

ISIS has stationed Raqqa as their caliphate capital. It is known that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris. Such  crime was considered to be “an act of war” by France’s President.

Twelve aircraft, including 10 fighter jets, were involved in Sunday’s airstrikes. 20 deadly bombs were dropped on Isis today.