Responding In Love

In a Facebook post, one mother describes how her daughter acted in love in response to someone that hurt her. One day after school, a 14-year-old student named Lexi Wright came home to her mother Holly Wright, in tears. Finally able to coax out the reason for her crying, an embarrassed Lexi began to explain. Holly was shocked at what she heard, but instead of responding in anger over what had happened, Lexi and her mother decided to show grace over the situation in a very awe-inspiring way.

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Girl Bakes Cookie For Bus Driver

Image: Facebook/ Holly Wright

It all started on the bus ride home. A friend on the bus asked Lexi if she would help braid her hair- to which of course, Lexi obliged. At one point, Lexi had kneeled down on the school bus. This move apparently didn’t sit very well with the bus driver, and the driver responded by pulling the bus over and began yelling angrily in front of the entire class.  The verbal lashing jarred a frightened Lexi and she went home upset. This is how Lexi described their response to the driver on Facebook:

“As a mother, it is considered “normal” for me to want to protect her and come to her defense. Although, I am a woman who is led by the Holy Spirit, and peace, love and grace is what invades my heart.

After Lexi calmed down and we discussed the dangers of sitting on her knees, I asked my daughter a question:
“Lexi, want to do something radical?”
“Sure!” Lexi replied.
“How about you respond to your bus driver in LOVE because she clearly is lacking it! All she knows is anger and frustration. How about tomorrow morning you present her with freshly baked cookies and a hug!

They also posted Proverbs 25:21-22 which explains the biblical way to respond to people that treat us wrongly, “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals (of conviction) on his head, and the LORD will reward you.” 

The post goes on to explain what happened after she brought the driver cookies:

“That next morning when Lexi handed her bus driver those cookies, the woman sat there in disbelief because she knew in her heart of heart’s that she over reacted in pure anger and foolishness. Yet Lexi humbly came to her, in love.
Trust me when I say, those “cookies” spoke a million words in Lexi’s defense!
The bus driver asked Lexi, “Can I have a hug too?” … And just like that, PEACE entered in!”

Handling a tough situation with scripture is best, because it’s God’s advice to humanity!

Article: IJReview