The Amazing Story Of A Woman Who Achieved Her Dreams Without Legs

Meet Jennifer, a now 28-year-old woman who was born without legs. Shortly after she was born, her parents abandoned her at the hospital due to her physical deformity. After being sent to an adoption center, a husband and wife decided to take her in and give her a loving home.

“It bothered me to think that there was a little girl left at the hospital and she had no legs, so I thought that she needed a family that would love her and take care of her.” said Sharon Bricker, the adoptive mother who, along with husband Gerald, raised Jennifer in small-town Illinois.

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Jennifer grew up with one rule, and it was to never say the word “can’t”.

It was clear that she followed that rule very well, because her dream to become a tumbler was coming true. In fact, Jennifer was so talented that she ended up competing her way to the very top, becoming the tumbling champion of the state of Illinois by the time she reached high school.

She later began to play other sports competitively such as baseball and basketball; there were no limits for her strong, motivated spirit.

At the age of 16, Jennifer had been told very shocking news from her mother; her biological last name would have been Moceanu, had she not been adopted. This meant that Jennifer was biologically related to Dominique Moceanu, an Olympic Gold Medalist who just so happened to be Jennifer’s idol and inspiration. She immediately contacted Dominique, sending her a letter, adoption papers and a photo.

“Everything was there; the evidence was there, and Jennifer looked like the spitting image of my younger sister Kristina.” Dominique told 20/20 interviewer.

“What a moment for anyone to be able to speak to their childhood idol—but for their childhood idol to be their sister? That’s something.”

Jennifer now lives independently in Hollywood, where she makes a living as an acrobat. She has gotten to tour with Britney Spears and is currently rehearsing for a show at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

Video: ABC News 20/20
Article: Amazyble, Huffington Post