Beating The Odds

Girl With No Hands Wins Award

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It was a special day for one young first grader named Anaya Ellick. The 7-year-old student smiled ear to ear as she posed for a picture. Clutching a giant trophy that she had just received for the “Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship” at Greenbrier Christian Academy, you could tell it was a proud moment in her young life. What makes this award so special for Anaya, is not just that she beat out all of the other students in her class, it represents to her that she beat all of the odds. Young Anaya was born without hands, and for her, even things we take for granted like tying our shoes can come as a challenge for her in everyday life.

Anaya has learned to put her pencil in between her arms and write. She figures out which angle is best for her, and you’ll always find her jotting down notes.

Her parents Bianca Middleton and Gary Ellick, say, that she is a determined young girl, that hardly ever asks for help when trying to do things that might be difficult for her. Bianca says, “She ties her shoes, she gets dressed by herself, she doesn’t really need any assistance to do anything.”

Anaya was presented with a $1000 cash reward as a trophy for her outstanding handwriting and penmanship, during a special chapel at G.C.A. on Wednesday morning.

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Article/Video: WTKR|Inside Edition