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Kids say and do the darndest things. The old saying rang true recently for one 5-year-old, named Khloe Russell. When a mystery illness suddenly came over her for some reason no one was able to diagnose the cause, it left everyone completely stumped. Khloe had constantly runny nose, a terrible odor, and the inside of her nose was green. Some doctors thought it was a sinus infection, some even thought it was a dental issue- but the real cause of Khloe’s illness is something that no one had ever suspected.

Khloe’s mother, Katelyn Powell of Hemet California, said, “three different doctors determined, Khloe was suffering from sinus infections and prescribed antibiotics,” but that clearly wasn’t the case. “The antibiotics had no effect on Khloe’s nose,” she said.

In an interview with KABC-TV, she explained, “her nose just started [running] out of this one side.[ It was] Green, green, green constantly and it stunk. We went home, did 10 days of medication, didn’t work,” Powell said. “We took her even to the dentist because we thought it was her teeth — nothing.”

The answer to the mystery finally came when Khloe’s uncle came to visit. He saw the state of her nose and couldn’t believe his eyes.”My brother was like, ‘Your nose, it’s disgusting. Blow your nose, blow your nose.’ And she blows it and out comes the safety pin,” Powell recalled.

The safety pin, which measured 1.5 inches long was huge. “It was bigger than her nose,” Powell said. “We were horrified.” After Powell prodded her with questions, Khloe reluctantly admitted to sticking the safety pin up her nose, saying she forgot to tell her.

6 Month Mystery Illness Girl Clothes Pin Nose Blow

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By this time, it had already partially disintegrated in her nose. Powell, after hearing about the report on UPI News attempted to clarify what happened saying:

“She found a safety pin and being a kid wanted to stick it up there to see how far it would go and thought she dropped it not realizing it had lodged itself in her nose. We went to the same doctor and to urgent cares contracted through our doctors when there wasn’t an available appointment. All the doctors looked up her nose but didn’t see anything. My daughter didn’t mention anything because she didn’t realize it had gone into her nose.” 

Social media responses about the story have been mostly negative, Powell told UPI that she’s getting “some of the most horrendous hate mail in regards to my parenting skills. I hope people can understand that this can happen to their children and that it doesn’t make their children stupid for doing it or not saying anything after.”

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Article: UPI News

Video: Dan Stevens