A Baahhh For Help

In the UK, when a worried neighbor began to hear what sounded like a woman in distress, screaming desperately for help, she knew she had to alert the authorities. She called the police and described what she heard, and immediately they sent out a helicopter to investigate the area. As the helicopter searched, they came upon something no one had ever suspected.

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Police Called Invetigate Screaming Woman Distress Goat

Image: Instagram/ NPAS Filton

After investigating the area, they posted a report to social media, alerting people to what they had found. “1650hrs Avon Gorge searching for a person who sounded in distress. We may have found the culprit.” The night vision imagery from what they saw however, wasn’t a woman or a person in distress, but rather it was a goat. Apparently, goats are alternatively known for their weird sounding screams, cries, and

Apparently, goats are known for their weird sounding screams, cries, and baaahhs; sometimes mistaken for humans screaming. Here is a hilarious compilation of human sounding, screaming goats- something Old Macdonald forgot to tell us all as children.

Article: Cornish Guardian UK

Video: Your Daily Laugh