WOW! You Must See These Breathtaking Images!

In an area known as Isle of Palms, South Carolina, a phenomenal work of art was placed in the sky by God, and it earned the name, “Fire Rainbow”. It amazed thousands of residents and lasted an hour before slowly disappearing.

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This is the result of an iridescent cloud, which appeared to some as an angel with multi-colored wings watching over us. Iridescent clouds are rarely seen, so much that to have the opportunity to see this beautiful image in the sky, it is truly a gift from God. We take this rare occurrence as a symbol of His love and compassion for us all.

These images captured by Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram users mesmerized the Internet! What do YOU see?

(Instagram - icrw70)

(Instagram – icrw70)

(Instagram - ginknowsabe)

(Instagram – ginknowsabe)

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