Going Gospel

Best known for her days on American Idol, breakout star Fantasia has made a bit of a career change. She has never been a stranger tot the secular singing world, but she says she’s giving that up and is going gospel.

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Fantasia Barrino Stops singing Secular Music Going Gospel

Image: Christian Post

In a recent appearance on the “Yolanda Adams Morning Show” Fantasia revealed that she believes God is calling her to a career in Gospel music. “Im’a have to turn it up in 2016” she shouts to the crowd. In the clip she exclaims, “Are there any true worshippers in the house tonight? I’m talking about true worshippers that don’t mine if your hair gets messed up!” She then goes into a rendition of the song “Total Praise” by Richard Smallwood.

At times, she’s been criticized for making both secular and gospel tracks. She recently took to social media telling fans, she considers all of her music “Christian.” Another tweet she sent out to her fans said, “I get a lot of comments asking when I’m going to do a gospel album…what I do is gospel, I take God wit me everywhere I go”

Article: The Christian Post