At First, This Grandmother Needed Help Getting Up Out Of Her Chair, But Now She Can Deadlift 225LBS! Here’s How She Did It

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The internet is coming unglued over a new video showing 78-year-old grandmother, Shirley Webb, from East Alton, Illinois, who being previously unable to get up from her chair without help is now able to deadlift a mindboggling 225lbs! Today her newest gym friends have given her a new nickname that is a bit more fitting for her, Superwoman. Here’s what she did to change her life.

Shirley was tired of needing the aid of a handrail to keep her balance when going up and down the stairs in her home, got motivated to join and start working out at her local gym. It was almost literally an overnight decision for her, she just got tired of being sick and tired.

After joining the gym she began a weekly workout routine that included strength training and exercise. She steadily increased the amount of weight that she was able to lift until not very long after she began she was able to lift an astounding 200lbs.

Shirley’s trainer encouraged her to keep trying for more, and “can now deadlift 225lb 3 times.”

Needless to say, her family and friends are all in awe of the amazing feat.

When asked about how working out has made her feel Shirley’s reply was that, “When I go to the gym and work out, when I leave, I feel so much better than I did when I went in, and I just feel so good. I feel tremendous.”

Now isn’t that inspiration enough to go out there and try something new? You never know you may be amazing at it.

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Article: ABC60
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