Donald Gould was wearing an old, dirty singlet, and soot marks covered his arms. Stunned passers-by stopped to listen to the music, commenting on the complexity and richness of Gould’s performance.

Aroar Natasha recorded some of his performance, later uploading a video to Facebook where it has received almost four millions views.

Donald Gould later revealed a little bit more about how he became homeless. As a child, he cut his music teeth on the clarinet, eventually getting so good that he played the instrument for the US Marine Corps.

After his service, he returned home, intending to study music at Spring Arbor University, and one day become a teacher. Things went horribly wrong when he ran out of money three semesters short of graduation — and then lost his wife.

Since the viral video, a local bar has indicated they would be willing to consider Gould as a potential performer.