Image: Personal Liberty

Image: Personal Liberty

High School Students Were Surveyed About Their Parent’s Firearms – Parents Were OUTRAGED!

Parents of the students at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, cried out in outrage of the recent survey their children underwent. The survey called for and asked intensely personal questions about their parents’ political views and whether or not they kept firearms in their homes.

The school assured the angered parents that this was a non-obligatory survey and that its only purpose was to serve as a project for the journalism class.

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Regardless of the seemingly harmless purpose, the survey included these types of questions:

  • “Does your family own any guns?”
  • “If so, how many?”
  • “What is their purpose?”
  • “Have you ever fired a gun?”
  • “If so, in what context?”
  • “What are your parents’ political views?”
  • “What are your political views?”

The pending question is this, should the right to bear arms force firearm owners to publicly admit to owning one?

Michael Cargill, a 2nd amendment activist,  said that engaging students in conversations about the 2nd Amendment is worthy of positive note, but that it can also cross the lines of invasion of privacy.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a journalistic survey, it crosses the line, This wouldn’t be answered in my home and this is the reason that any poll similar to it is not accurate.”- Anonymous parent

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