Photo – Rick Saul

“I just felt like it was a great experience. It brought us all together.” – Says Cheerleader

Villa Rica High School is catching the attention of critics because of a Facebook video of a mass baptism held on the school’s football field.

Although one student says that the baptism wasn’t forced on anybody the Freedom From Religion Foundation says that the Christian sacrament on school grounds crosses constitutional boundaries.

“Holding team baptisms at football practice with coaches participating is a clear constitutional violation and an abuse of the coach’s position,” says Elizabeth Cavell attorney for Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Villa Rica, says 18 players and an assistant coach asked to be baptised.
“The school had nothing to do with this,” Williams said of the baptism, held just before football practice.

“It was voluntary, it was after school, it was before practice.” He says it was was a “soulful, bonding experience.”

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Article: WTVM