“Nobody Has Shown Me This Much Kindness In A While”

A homeless veteran broke down into tears after a generous man took him to a drive through just to buy him a meal.

The unidentified vet was begging for spare change near a gas station in Redlands, California. That’s when he met Max Zahir. He told Zahir about his troubles and how he desperately needed money in order to buy some food. The two exchanged words and Zahir learned that he was a veteran, which struck a chord with him.

“I just wanna do something and maybe you’ll get to your feet and just pay it forward,” – Zahir

Zahir also offered the veteran further assistance. He offered to buy him a meal every day at 4pm if he met him at a certain gas station.

The fact that there are people out there without shelter that have fought for the good of our country was unacceptable for Zahir. He took it upon himself to begin raising money for the homeless veterans. He started a GoFundMe page with this purpose in mind, and has already raised $13,500 as of today.

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