Pinto Loves Playing Dead!

Video Below

It was like any other ordinary day for Kelley, that is until she got a call from electrical contractors that were around her property. They called to inform her that she should probably check up on her horse, which seemed like it was dead from afar.

In a Facebook post she explains the whole scenario:

“Electrical contractors called me- maam you’ve got a dead horse here in your pasture.

No I don’t he plays dead all the time. Is his leg sticking straight up in the air?

Yes ma’am. I’m telling you he’s dead. The leg sticking up is because rigor mortis has set in maam, I know horses, I own a few.

Sir, my horse ain’t dead. He plays possum. But, I’m coming 😡 give me a minute please.”

Needless to say, the horse got one up on those contractors!

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Video: Mark N Kelley