Finally, A Solution!

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Zippers can be found everywhere now days, ranging from dresses to pants; making it convenient to both men and women that are on the go.  Sometimes, however, a zipper becomes unhinged do to the stress that is placed on them when closing and opening them, on items such as bags and backpacks.

So, fortunately, there is an easy way to repair your zipper, without having to toss out your much loved item, whatever it may be!  Zippers have “teeth” that come in contact when zipping together or come apart when unzipping.  So, what do you have to do in order to fix it?  Well, the zipper has a “mouth”, with two components: one on top, which is the part that you see and another underneath, which is not visible.  When they become “separated” then they simply need to be clamped together again.  So take some pliers or whatever handy tool you may have and simply press the 2 together, once again.

Take a look at this easy solution, and you’ll be grateful that within a few seconds, your much love item will be repaired!

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Video: UCAN Zippers USA