They Died Trying To Take A Perfect Selfie

Selfie kills group of friends

Image: Distractify

Its a fact! Selfies officially kill more people than sharks, according to PetaPixel.

Selfie kills group of friends

Image: PetaPixel

Police in Kanpur, India, reports that a group of seven friends drowned in the river of Ganga while trying to take a selfie.

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Selfie pic gone wrong

Image: SANJAY KANOJIA / Stringer

One of the six friends went into the water to take a group picture with the rest, but in the process he lost his balance and was eventually swept away by the strong current.

“The six friends accompanying him drowned one after another in a bid to rescue others,” said a police official.

A team of divers found their bodies after 2 hours of searching.

Article: Distractify