“I Have Since Then Given My Heart To Christ”


(Global News)

Superior Court Judge Carl Fox, 61, has been battling blood cancer. What has proven to be the most difficult task in his battle, was finding someone who was a competent bone marrow donor.  Recently, one person who no one would have guessed has volunteered. Charles Alston has volunteered to donate the much needed bone marrow to the district attorney who sentenced him to prison for 25 years.

Currently, Alston is serving a 25 year sentence for armed robbery at the Franklin Correctional Centeroffe.

 “You were the District Attorney during the course of my trial, where I received a 25 year prison sentence. I know you are in need of a matching donor for bone marrow. I may or may not be a match, but I am willing to make the sacrifice if needed.”

Alston expressed appreciation towards Fox. He believes his purpose was to hit rock bottom in prison in order to turn his life around. All of which was made possible by the judge’s decision.

Prisoners are not eligible for donations of any kind, since they have an increased risk of infectious diseases. However, Fox was very touched by the gesture.

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Video: Global News