Having someone steal from you is hard to get over, but having someone steal 30-years of your life is almost unforgivable. Glen Ford was falsely imprisoned for life. Marty Stroud, the prosecutor in the case made it impossible for Ford to have a fair trail. The black man was accused of shooting a Shreveport jeweler. Despite circumstantial evidence and unreliable witness testimony, Ford was convicted of the murder and sentenced to die by an all-white jury. Marty Stroud admits that he used to think differently about racism.

When Ford’s case was reopened and new evidence proved his innocence in 2015, he was released and became “the longest-serving death row exoneree in America,” according to the following NBC report.

Instead of trying to help Ford regain his stolen life, the Louisiana State Prison he spent three decades in gave him just $20 and sent him on his way. The 65-year-old was owed more than $300,000 in restitution, but when he was quickly denied the money to start over, a surprising person came to bat for him.

Former prosecutor Marty Stroud has a few simple wishes for Glenn Ford:

“I want Glenn Ford to be compensated. I want him to have happy days, joyful days, which he didn’t have for 30 years. I want his case to have meaning. I believe there is a special place in heaven for people like Glenn Ford who have suffered so much on this earth as a result of the injustices of the system.”

Shortly after Ford was released from prison, his life was destroyed once again. Ford has been given just a couple of months to live, as he is suffering from stage IV lung cancer.

I was in tears as I watched Mr. Ford meet face to face with his prosecutor. He was unable to forgive him although he did wish Mr. Stroud a good rest of his life.

Please pray for Glen Ford as he undergoes intense chemotherapy to help him fight against cancer.

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