Newly Surfaced Video Below

Google isn’t the only ones researching the development of driver-less cars to roam the city streets. Now even ISIS has gotten in on the new innovation in transportation technology. The aim of the Islamic State terror group however, seemingly serves a much more ominous purpose.

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Newly surfaced video footage showing ISIS scientists from the ‘so-called’ Jihadi University, a re-purposed equestrian center, have recently joined in the race for development of the driver-less car. Put together through scavenged parts, the hope is that they can use these unmanned vehicles to aid in future bombings, and attacks within the region. The idea is that this concept can be replicated abroad by sleeper cells.

The Sky News report has also revealed that along with driver-less cars, the group has also gotten their hands on thousands of decommissioned missiles. Missiles that Western governments assumed had become ineffectual due to their old age. Yet, scientists from the group have apparently found a way around this, and were able to recreate the missing thermal batteries needed to operate the devices. Now, with the newly manufactured thermal batteries they needed, it will allow them to re-purpose the devices from surface to air use. With these types of heat-seeking technologies, their effectual rate can be raised up to about 90% in accuracy. This turns out to not be very good news for any unsuspecting passenger planes or jet-fighters that pass over the area.

We pray that this evil group is stopped and that the terror will end. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Video: Mr0wnly