Flesh-Eating Skin Disease Is Terrorizing ISIS-Controlled Cities In Syria

Terrorist-controlled parts of Syria have seen the collapse of medical services, and as a result, have caused the crazy spread of a flesh-eating virus called Leishmanisis Disease. This flesh-eating virus is transmitted by parasites that eat the corpses dumped in Syrian streets, and they’re spreading like wildfire.

Barbaric acts commited by ISIS, like the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in the streets, are a leading fact of the spread of Leishmanisis disease.

The disease is carried by sand flies, and Kurdish fighters in Syria say that the disease was not noticed until Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) influence and atrocities spread across Syria. Before that, Leishmaniasis was a rare case in Syria.

Syria’s healthcare system has been devastated by four years of conflict. More than half of their public hospitals are unable to provide full service. ISIS has amounted so much pressure on healthcare workers that they were forced to flee for their lives, leaving ISIS-controlled areas understaffed.

On top of that, international aid agencies are having a tough time delivering vital medical supplices to Syria. There is no vaccine or prophylactic medication available for Leishmaniasis. Medical treatments do exist, but are almost impossible to be found in the war-torn nation of Syria. The only way to avoid this disease is to  avoid getting bitten by an infected sand fly. Let us pray for the innocent people of Syria. They are not at fault here, as their peaceful ways have been torn apart by the evil ways of ISIS.

Video: fnnsyrianews