Islamic State Document Reveals Plans To ‘End The World’

An Islamic State document containing 32 pages of an alarming “grand plan” was recently found.

The Urdu-written document, also known as ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate”, describes a thorough plan to provoke a war between Pakistan and India, and to strike withdrawing troops and ambassadors from the United States. They claimed to have devised an attack that would result in the ‘end of the world’.

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“The story’s pretty much made itself across the globe right now, and certainly, the Islamic state is not happy that their campaign plans are public.”

Stated Sara A. Carter, a renowned investigative reporter under the America Media Institute (AMI) who gave insight to the story.

When asked how the document was found, she said, “This is a really difficult thing for me to talk about. The safety of the sources are number one for me. I would never want to jeopardize anyone’s life more than it has already been, and that’s all I can say about that.”

The interview provides more details and insight on the document and what The Islamic State wants.

Holy Lord,

We ask you to quell the violence in our world today.  Bring peace to our nations during this violent and terrifying time.  We ask that you empower us to be the light that expels the darkness.  Allow us to become that which exposes those who lurk in the shadows.  Finally, we ask that you lay a hedge of protection over all of the people who have to dwell in the midst of this violence.  Let them feel your comforting grace and know that everything is fine.


Source: KFI AM-640