This 4th-grade boy was having a terrible day until Tori Nelson, a teacher at Winlock Miller Elementary school went above and beyond for a student. It was 9-year-old Mathew who came up his teacher that day upset from being bullied by the other kids over a hair cut that left an exposed bald spot. “The comments crushed him,” Nelson said.”He refused to come into our classroom and would not remove his hat. After seeing the tears in his eyes, Nelson knew what she would do to turn this young boys frown upside down. She told him “if you come in my class, I’ll cut my hair too.” And after talking for a little while she got Mathew to agree to come in. And wasting no time they got to it, cutting Nelson’s hair right there in class in front of the whole class.

“Now if anyone makes fun of you, they’re also making fun of me,” she tells Mathew as he grins in excitement. “Today I heart being in a situation where I can help other succeed,” Nelson wrote on her Facebook page. “He cut my hair after lunch and now no one is ashamed or embarrassed… except maybe my mom. I’m sorry mom!!”

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Source: CroMax