“I’m not going to cry, it’s not going to be that kind of situation,” Jack Black says as he begins his segment from the NBC’s Red Nose Day event. An event that helps raises awareness for children in America and all over the world that are living in poverty and are homeless. Children just like 12-year old Felix, who has been living off the streets for 3 years now. This young boy spends his days collecting scraps and plastic bottles to turn into recycling centers. With no home to go to he sleeps on the street sidewalk. His mother is dead, he never knew his father or siblings, yet every day he pushes on for his dream. A dream to one day be able to go to school and learn. Red Nose Day strives to touch the hearts of many that we may strive collectively to help young children like Felix. We hope this video touches the hearts of many in the same way that it did Black.


Source: NBC