Jeffery Adam Gutt’s Performance Of Hallelujah Rocked The House!

Jeffrey Adam Gutt, also known as Jeff, is a singer/songwriter who auditioned for The X Factor in the United States in 2012. The performance below shows Gutt’s incredible performance that had all four judges praising him. Jeff Gutt shows off his unique style with a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. What’s even better about Gutt’s audition is his sense of humble sweetness.

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Even before he begins singing, he explains to the judges that his young son is waiting backstage and has never heard Gutt sing! It’s hard to believe that this musical powerhouse had never displayed his skills to his son, but it shows that this naturally talented man probably had very little idea how talented he truly was.

My favorite part was when Gutt was told “God is rocking out right now” and Gutt responds, “He’s the one that give it to me.” Please share this incredible talent with your friends and family!

Source: LR Balba