When Their Daughter’s Heart Stopped, They Turned To Jesus For Help And Something BEAUTIFUL Happened!

“I saw Him walk up to Gabriella, and I saw Him put his hands on her.”

While Haley was in labor, everything seemed to be going just fine but what she didn’t know is that her greatest fear would be put to the test just moments after her baby was born.

About half an hour after baby Gabriella was born, doctors noticed that she began to breathe very quickly. It quickly got worse and worse as she was requiring more oxygen. Knowing that something was extremely wrong with Gabriella, doctors quickly rushed her into the emergency room. They tried to sedate her but they kept missing her little veins over and over again.

She had her father to try and comfort her throughout all of the pain. Gabriella’s heart stopped suddenly, and doctors rushed into the room to perform CPR on her little body.

Nathaniel and Haley had no choice but to pray. It was in those moments that they felt this sense of fearlessness. They felt communicated with God. That’s when Haley saw that Jesus himself came up to her little girl and gave her once more the gift of life.


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