Judge Rules To Take Foster Child Away From Lesbian Couple

Lesbian couple April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce of Carbon County will not be raising the baby that they have adopted and have lived with for 3 months after a judge ruled them unfit to raise the child. The baby will be removed from their home and sent to a heterosexual foster parents, as the judge deemed them more fit to raise the child.

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Both women were legally married and approved as foster parents by the state of Utah earlier this year. They passed all home inspections, background checks, and interviews from DCFS. However, based on the lack of research indicating that children raised by same-sex grow up to do just as well as children in heterosexual homes, the judge continued to deny them the already-set custody of the baby.

The couple had already been raising their own biological children who are 12 and 14 which remain with them. The biological mother of the orphaned baby is supporting them throughout all of this ordeal – she wants her child to stay with her foster mothers.

Article: KUTV News