Judge Who Sentenced Middle School Classmate Surprises Him At His Release

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It was an emotional reunion last year, for Judge Mindy Glazer, when she recognized one of her former classmates from Nautilus Middle School, Arthur Booth, in the courtroom. Booth was being arraigned on burglary charges and the shock of seeing his friend on the other side of the bench was an emotional and life changing moment that went viral almost instantly. After serving almost 10 months in jail Booth got another surprise from his old friend. This time, the tears that were cried were under much happier circumstances.

Upon his release from jail Glazer showed up to greet and congratulate him, being released a little early because of a court program. Glazer told Booth with his family nearby:  “You’re gonna do something good for somebody else. That’s what you’re gonna do.”

As the tears once again began to flow, Booth explained, “She’s an inspiration and motivation to me right now, seeing Mindy is incredible, because I know where I could have been. But I’m not giving up on life.”

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Article: Complex
Video: ABC News