Answered Prayers As A Kidnapped Girl Was Discovered By A Baptist Pastor

When a 9-year-old girl named Carlie Trent, suddenly went missing after school in a rural area in Knoxville Tennesse, area residents quickly formed a search and rescue team to try and find the missing girl. They put in a lot of long hours, and sent out many prayers, so it wasn’t long before those prayers were answered.

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Among the several dedicated members of the search party was a Baptist Pastor named Stewart Franklin, and a farmer named Donnie Lawson. They searched along property lines and back trails on four-wheelers and over 20 miles away from the school. The two men went by one property just to check, and lo and behold the girl was found along with her uncle who had kidnapped the girl after she was let out of school.

Franklin says that it is all thanks to the power of prayer that the girl was found unharmed, “Prayers do work and the girl is safe now. If there is hope in every situation like this when looking for missing people, every person in the community needs to do their part in looking and helping search buildings and places for missing folks.

Article: Charisma News

Video: Inside Edition