These Kids Were All Victims Of Reckless Endangerment

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It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: to have your children’s life hanging in the balance before your very eyes. This was the terrifying moment a father went through when he had to catch his six-year-old son from falling out of a roller coaster cart after the boy’s seat belt broke during the ride.

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“As we were going down, it threw him into the bottom of the cart and that’s when you see me reach over to grab him.”

After the incident, the father completely outraged, brought the faulty seatbelt to the park owners attention and discovered that this wasn’t even the first time it had happened.

Another, very similar incident, also happened when 16-year-old Samantha Aguilar was killed after being thrown from a carnival ride at the Dia De Los Niños carnival at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church in El Paso, Texas. Aguilar, along with a few friends had gotten on the “Sizzler” ride. The girls noticed that the belts wouldn’t buckle but were told that it was completely fine. This was the heartbreaking result of the carnival ride gone bad.

Praying for the families.

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