Leading By Example

Elvis Summers saw a need, and he was able to put his skills in carpentry to very good use. As temperatures began to plummet in Los Angeles this past fall, he knew it would be rough for people on the streets during the Christmas season. Desperate to help who he could, he began to build a variety of “Tiny Homes” so people might be able to escape the cold.

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Image: Inside Edition

“Why do I do what I do? Because it’s the right thing to do,” Summers remarked to Inside Edition. Today he has built dozens of these Tiny Homes, with hopes of building dozens more. He even started a Go Fund Me campaign you can contribute to help fund his efforts. To date, he has raised over $90,000. “My ultimate goal is to make the world better. To remind people what’s important in life, and to help people.”

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We think that is a noble goal.

Article: Inside Edition