Doctors Can’t Make Sense Of This Beautiful Miracle!

baby survives deadly diagnosis

Image: Ashley Shirley

Ashley and Ronnie Shirley weren’t expecting to add another baby to their family that already had three children.

It took them by surprise when Ashley tested positive for pregnancy. They knew in their hearts that this was all planned out by God.

In an interview with KTHV, Ashley explains that the beginning of her pregnancy went well. However, when her twenty-week ultrasound came around, everything took a turn for the worse.

Their unborn daughter was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia.

The baby’s arms and legs measuring small, approximately three to four weeks behind what they should have been. Her legs were appearing bowed and she was missing part of her brain.

The baby’s chest cavity was also underdeveloped, because of this doctors told Ashley that her daughter’s lungs were not forming properly.


baby survives deadly diagnosis

Image: Ashley Shirley

And just like that, in a matter of weeks, Ashley’s life turned upside down.

Knowing that their baby’s future was looking grim, Ashley made arrangements at a funeral home back in her hometown.

“[W]e were praying for the best, trusting God, but also had to prepare ourselves for the worst.”

“My Faith was everything through pregnancy, if I didn’t haven’t my faith I don’t know that I could have made it through. There were times when I was on bed rest from low amniotic fluid and I would just sit. My bible on my lap, worship music in the background…
As horrible as the diagnosis that we continued to get, the peace I felt was beyond understanding. God was with us the whole time.”

baby survives deadly diagnosis

Image: Ashley Shirley

“I remember laying on the table as they began surgery and all I could do was cry out to God. I prayed out loud with my husband asking God to just let her breath.”

When Ashley first heard that cry, her heart pounded with joy. Baby Jocelyn was alive. Even more, Jocelyn’s body wasn’t underdeveloped at all.

Our doctor kept saying, ‘Where did we go wrong? Did we miss something?’”

“This experience has rocked our world and completely changed the way we view God. He still is very much in the business of performing miracles. If there’s one thing I can teach them [my children] through this, it’s that God NEVER leaves you, He will always bring peace in hard times, and when you can’t take another step, he will carry you through it. God’s love never fails.”

In her heart, Ashley knows that her baby was a true gift from God.

Article: THV 11