Lucas D’Onofrio and Tamara Bruzzo, have walked a long bumpy road together. The couple first started dating in high school. Although they aren’t married yet, they know the meaning of “In sickness and in health.”

On Feb. 17, D’Onofrio’s birthday, Bruzzo was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 21 years old. In March, Bruzzo’s hair began falling out for her treatments, so she had some of her girlfriends over to buzz off the remainder of it for her. D’Onfrio then showed up with his head newly shaved as well.

“She said she had a hint as soon as I started talking. I was super nervous and choking on my words and had to hold back tears, but she was very surprised and had no idea. It was perfect.”

Did you think this proposal was perfect too?