This adorably cute baby has no idea that she is being transformed, every time she naps!

Photographer Laura Izumikawa, is a mother that adores her 4-month-old daughter, Joey. So, while napping, mommy transforms her into various adorable characters and shares them on Instagram.

Izumikawa had some reservations when she realized that her exposure had increased to thousands of followers.

“This morning I woke up to find that we reached 10.1K followers and it stunned me,” she wrote. “I began to worry a bit. How will Joey react to all of these posts when she’s older? Would she be mad? Would she be embarrassed? Would she wish I never started this?”

But then, when she read the comments of her fans, her fears subsided.

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“I’ve received sweet messages from mothers all over the world sharing stories about their little ones and how they want to do the same thing and enjoy them this way as well,” she shared. “It’s been truly humbling and I’m so thankful that something like Instagram has been a way for me to connect to these new friends.”

Which one is your favorite? Mine would definitely have to be the mermaid outfit because Joey looks so happy! I love her beautiful smile!

Article: Lauraizphoto