Many of us have grown up with the happily-ever-after romantic movies. We watch the couples fall in love in a matter of an hour and expect that to happen to us. We get so invested in finding love as perfect as it is shown in movies that we begin to want a love story just like theirs.

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I was one of those who believed in the love stories created by the movies. In my mind, I starred in various hopeless romantic roles.  My favorites were always the good girl meets bad guy roles.  I internalize that role and began living it out in my reality.

Let’s just say it never ends the way it does in movies.

After a lot of failed happily-ever-after endings, I came across a book by Eric and Leslie Ludy, When God Writes Your Love Story.

After reading the first few pages, I stopped dating. Even though I had my eyes on a few Christian young men, I decided that I was done writing my own love story.

It was time to surrender the pen of my love story to God.

Of course, I was worried. What if God brought a man that I wasn’t going to be attracted to? What if he wasn’t what I wanted? All of these questions made me really want to jump in and help. It was in those moments of fear that I internalize the scripture,

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth” (Psalm 46:10)

So I waited. I didn’t want to get restless. Even when I felt like I was invisible to the opposite sex, I didn’t care because I knew that I shined in His eyes. I began to rejoice in my singleness believing and trusting that in His timing my love story would be written perfecting by the Lord.

Ironically, I never did finish reading When God Writes Your Love Story because I lost it in a park. I believe it has blessed someone else too.

Three months of waiting was all it took to I meet my fiancé.

After years of trying to write my perfect love story, God took three months and wrote it to perfection.

My love story is like none other. The Lord has penned it from the beginning. Now I’m approaching the happily-ever-after that I had always dreamed of by never thought possible.

God wants to write your love story too. You have to trust that the author of all things will always pen better love stories than those in the movies.