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Tiger Loose Freeway Qatar Escapes Vehicles Travelers Motorists Scary

Image: WorldStarHipHop

Travelers in the Middle-East region of Qatar got a scary surprise earlier this week, when an escaped Tiger got loose on the freeway sending panicked motorist into a window shutting, door-locking, frenzy. While some panicked, others hastily reached for their phones in order to capture the rare sight on-camera.

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Several videos and images began appearing on social media shortly after the event, including a tweet from the Ministry Of Interior saying that “the animal was handed over to competent authorities and further legal proceedings have been initiated.”

Large exotic animals and cats, in some wealthy Arab states, are seen as status symbols despite the prohibitions against the practice. According to the NY Post, “a lion escaped its Dubai owner’s home in January and was captured wandering a residential neighborhood. In Kuwait, a man was sued in 2014 after his pet lion escaped and attacked a Filipina maid.

Article: NY Post

Video: WorldStarHipHop