Miracle At Mass

When the Molden family lost their 4-year-old pet Sheltie “Brodie” just days before Christmas, they were heartbroken. Hours of searching the streets in their community turned up nothing. It was raining, foggy, and the family had no idea where to turn for help. They began stopping strangers on the street, putting up fliers, and even posting Brodies description online but to no avail.

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Image: Catholic Philly

Image: Catholic Philly

Days had passed, when Animal Control Officer Bill Palmer, said he couldn’t sleep so he began patrolling around town the neighborhood until 1 a.m. “I was driving around in the dark and I saw a church. I looked up at the cross on top and said, ‘C’mon, God,’ help me find the dog.”

Many others from the community that came in contact with the Molden family joined them in prayer. However, days later, with still no sign of the family pet, Christmas Eve dinner was spent by the Molden’s doleful and teary-eyed.

Unknowingly, that same night a Christmas miracle was simultaneously occurring for the family. Brodie had actually wandered his way over to midnight Mass at St. Mark Church, where a member of the congregation spotted him and called Police.

The Molden’s believe that it was no accident that Brodie turned up at the church on Christmas morning. The prayers of many in the community had gone out, interceding for the family, and God appears to have heard their prayers.

Could it have been a coincidence? Maybe, but many people think the same as 13-year-old Tara Girton who exclaims, “Baby Jesus found Brodie.”

Article: Catholic Philly