State of Emergency Declared For Louisiana: More than 20,000 Rescued From Cars and Homes

President Obama has just approved Louisiana governor’s request for federal emergency help. Floods have swept through the southern part of the state, causing at least 6 deaths, stranded 20,000 and submerged thousands of homes and vehicles.

“This evening, the President spoke with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to let him know that his request for an emergency declaration has been granted for the state’s flood response and recovery efforts,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Jen Friedman said in a statement, adding that “his prayers are with the people of Louisiana, and that his Administration will continue to support the state’s ongoing recovery.”

Already, more than 10,000 people took refuge in shelters, some sleeping on the floor because of a shortage of beds, according to officials.

You can see how bad things have gotten in this video that has gone viral since its surfacing. It depicts a man saving a trapped woman and her dog as the vehicle they were in sinks in the flood.

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Video: GoodMorningAmerica