May The Souls Of The Lafayette Theater Victims Rest In Peace

The citizens of Lafayette, Louisiana are still in their mourning phase, the memory of the movie theater shooting this past July 23rd is still fresh in their minds.

The University of Louisiana- Lafayette football team will be honoring those victims by wearing a Lafayette Strong decal on the back of their helmets this season, their coach Mark Hudspeth made mention.

The strong city of Lafayette has come together strong as a community after the shooting:

“Couldn’t be more proud of being part of this community because of the way this community has rallied in the last few weeks since the horrible tragedy, The community support and what I saw at Cajun Field (during a memorial for the victims) is unbelievable. It just goes to show what a great place we have to live in.” Hudspeth said.

“I remember getting the news, I was shocked that it could happen in such a peaceful town, a town I call my second home, You could tell it touched a lot of players, especially the local guys. This is their hometown. It made us closer as a unit and it has shown how resilient our town is.” UL-Lafayette junior quarterback Brooks Haack

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Source: Nola