Stormy the lamb was rejected by her mother immediately after birth. Stormy’s odds weren’t looking very bright, without her mother she would live the rest of her life alone. Stormy needed someone to love her. That’s when 1-year-old Tammy came to her rescue.

golden retriever dog adopts lamb

This Golden Retriever didn’t care that Stormy was different, she “adopted” Stormy and gave her all the love she could ever need!

 kisses to baby lamb from golden retriever

Ever since these loving animals met, they’ve been insperable. Their owners have never seen anything like this and neither have we. It’s incredibly touching to see animals loving and caring for one another.

The Godfruits Take-Away: Perhaps we can learn something from Tammy and Stormy. It doesn’t matter how different we are from one another, we are meant to love.